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MBA in Strategic Telecoms Management

This was an MBA programme in Strategic Telecommunications for 25 of Singapore Telecoms middle managers with potential to become senior managers. The workshops were conducted by the Chairman of CBS and two visiting professors in University College London who were formerly senior technical managers in British Telecom. They delivered intensive workshops covering the action learning process and the latest developments in the industry, ie

  • Structure of the telecoms business.
  • Strategy of telecom companies; partnerships; globalisation.
  • Finance for telecoms.
  • Revenue generation.
  • Telecoms market; competitor analysis; regulation.
  • People management.
  • Technology management; network economics.
  • Telecoms operations; field operations; customer service; project management.
  • Conveyance or collision; infocoms and eCommerce; mobility.

The quality of the material used in the workshops was of a high order and was offered to the Company for their use in other training programmes.

As in previous programmes, the highlights of the programme were the group and individual projects which tackled key problem areas being experienced in the Company. These projects were supported by senior managers, many of whom took part in delivering the workshops.

The success of this programme led to further programmes in Indonesia with PT Telkom who had representatives on the Singapore Telecom programme.