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Public and Parastatal Sectors

  • Programmes for national or state governments to help them define and implement their strategic plans with a focus on infrastructure (water, sanitation, waste, power, transport etc), healthcare, education and agricultural development.
  • Programmes for Heads of Civil Services and their teams, to help them cascade the National Development Plan and close the strategy gap.
  • Programmes for Ministers and Permanent Secretaries to help them develop and implement their sector or ministry strategic plans. Can lead to diploma and masters qualifications.
  • Programmes to improve the political/administration interface.
  • Programmes in how to improve the performance of infrastructure projects from inception to operation and maintenance.
  • Programmes in the introduction of PPP projects, that is, introductory 3 day workshops, Diplomas in PPP Management, in-depth programmes for those involved in preparing PPP projects in ministries and training programmes around PPP projects from inception to build, operation and maintenance of the assets.
  • Short, subject specific programmes, e.g. 3-day workshops on financing and regulation of water/power/ telecoms regulation, project delivery, procurement, management of partnerships etc.
  • Engineering-based programmes for managers in the public and private sectors from level 2 (technicians) to level 7.
  • Consultancy programmes in areas such as civil service reform, project finance, creation of PPP units, regulation, project delivery, productivity improvement, human resource management etc.

Private Sector

  • Programmes to help executive committees of single organisations across all sectors cascade their business strategies and remove the strategy gap.
  • Programmes to help senior managers implement their corporate and departmental strategies.
  • Programmes with a focus on improving project management, that is, managing the planning, financing, procuring, designing, building, operating and maintenance processes.
  • In company action learning, part-time, diploma and masters programmes customised to the needs of particular sectors (e.g. infrastructure, hospitality etc).
  • Short programmes (e.g. 3-days) covering specific topical subjects such as productivity improvement, water, power, telecoms regulation, construction, procurement, project management, implementation of PPP, engineering leadership, closing the strategy gap etc.