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The Diploma and MBA in Electricity Management

An action learning programme conducted over 2 years was delivered in National Power the UK's largest generator of electricity and led to a Cambridge University (UCLES) accredited Diploma in Electricity Supply Management (see box) and an MBA from Bradford University School of Management. This was customised to the electricity industry and workshops delivered by specialists in each of the areas from the industry, universities and National Power.

Each of the 25 participants did an individual project and a personal development plan. They were also divided into small action learning 'sets' and given a strategically important problems to solve. The programme was made up of 12 one-week modules. Each module began with a 3-day workshop and then 2 days of work in their groups and supervision of their individual projects. The customised workshops were delivered by specialists in each of the following areas each of which were customised to the industry, the company and the needs of the participants;

  • Business Strategy and the Learning Process.
  • Electricity Supply Operations Management.
  • Project and Contract Management.
  • Management of People, Quality and Customers.
  • Finance and Performance Management.
  • I.T. and the Management of Change.

Given the fact that this programme lasted for 2 years and it led to an MBA the individual and group projects resulted in major pieces of work which were subject to the normal rigours of assessment and vivas associated with MBA qualifications. All the participants achieved the masters degree. The company were delighted with the programme and commissioned a second programme and again all the participants achieved the MBA.